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The Release Date of FIFA 22.

Each annual updating emerged at the bottom of September since FIFA 11. But for FIFA 21, was launched in October because the PS4 and Xbox One need to shift into the new generation of machines PS5 and Xbox Series X, the release was slightly delayed. When the PES 2022 will land on PS5 and Xbox Series X for the first time, the time will be more uniform. Therefore, it is a large probability for the release date of FIFA 22 on Friday, September 24, 2021, with all the versions. As in previous years, the official will prepare the pre-order reward, the players can experience FIFA 22 in an Early Access version.

Who will become FIFA 22 cover?

The hottest prospect in world football, Kylian Mbappe is FIFA 21 cover. For FIFA 22, Marcus Rashford has an excellent performance on the pitch for Manchester United, earning him an MBE in the new year’s honours list, Erling Braun Haaland is the best young player in FIFA 21. Maybe they will become competitive.

But FIFA has teams from 30 leagues and more than 700 club teams, the FIFA 22 cover is difficult to predict. But the Standard Edition Cover of FIFA 20 is Eden Hazard, if EA wants to follow the Hazard example and select a popular player, Bayern’s Robert Lewandowski seems a good choice, as Munich stormed last season’s Champions League. Let's us to expect who will be the next cover star for FIFA 22.

Which consoles can you choose in FIFA 22?

In November last year, FIFA update the console PS4, Xbox One to the PS5, and Xbox Series X, it replaces an older generation of platforms and become the industry's flagship consoles. Despite the new platforms are very hot and EA will likely focus its efforts on current-generation platforms, but they will still save that support for last-gen consoles. Because EA typically supports older consoles for several years in normal, so you do not worry that it will skip the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for the FIFA series in the short term.
As of now, the following platform can or most can support the FIFA 22:
Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One / X /S
PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 / 4 Pro / 4 Slim

Windows, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia

We can see, FIFA 22 will not available on the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, so you
ll need to upgrade if you only own one of those consoles and want to play the new FIFA.

How much the price of FIFA 22?

Recently year, the price of the FIFA series is stable, and EA will likely use tiered pricing for the different versions for FIFA 22.
The base version of FIFA 21 price is $59.99 for PS4 and Xbox One while the base version for PS5 and Xbox One Series X is $69.99.
And another two versions are higher than the base game. The Champions Edition started at $79.99, the Ultimate Edition initially retailed for $99.99.

Due to the different content and privilege of the set for every version, the price increases in a step-wise manner. For fans, their biggest wish is that the new game can be appropriately reduced in price.

Can I play FIFA 22 on the WEB APP?

If you have an EA account that has played FIFA 21, you will gain access to the FIFA 22 WEB APP prior to FIFA 22s launch. But do not forget, it is important that if you played FIFA 21 on PlayStation 5, it will be not allowed to access the FIFA 22 WEB APP on PC. On the other hand, when your account logs in to each version of FIFA 21, you will have the right to play the web app on multiple platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, PC.
gamers would like to know if the PC version of FIFA 22 receive an upgrade in the new version? We guess EA will consider the jump between the two versions, and it has a big probability will keep the same PC version on par with the last generation consoles for at least one more year.

How to get the FIFA 22 EARLY ACCESS?

Quicky subscription to EA Play, players will get first-hand news about FIFA and it is the easiest way to get FIFA 22 early. At the same time, players can pre-ordering the Champions or Ultimate Edition to gain early access. EA Play will provide players with ten hours of early access to the game one week before the FIFA 22 is released. And players will enjoy the dedicated FIFA players to building their Ultimate Team with ten hours from EA Play.
The official will unlocks the game three days ahead of the worldwide launch day.

Will there be a DEMO for FIFA 22?

FIFA demos always online in early September, but EA cancels the FIFA 21 DEMO last year because they want to spend more time focusing on developing the series and ease off the pressure for the game developers under the COVID-19. But the players can expect that there will be a demo for FIFA 22.

Can FIFA 22 be Cross-platform?

Many gamers all around the world are excited for the release of FIFA 22 in September, and they will be wondering whether it is cross-platform because FIFA has never done is allow gamers to play each other on different consoles, such as the Ps4 player cannot play against someone on the Xbox. And another biggest problem for the PC version, as this version is lacking a player base, especially compared to the audiences with Xbox and PlayStation consoles. So crossplay has slowly become viable over the past few years as Sony. But the fact that FIFA 21 did not support cross-platform, so the gamers can not predict whether EA will be incorporating cross-platform gaming into FIFA 22. Even in the Esports world, something that FIFA is heavily involved in, gamers compete on separate consoles and they have separate competitions and items for Xbox and Playstation. It probably isnt a big priority for EA Sports, but many other games have implemented something, which is also something that fans want and enjoy.

What ICONS will be upcoming in FIFA 22?

With some of the finest players in football deciding to hang up their boots, the list of iconic players continues to increase every year.
As EA likes to mix the former greats from the past two decades and recently retired players and make up the new icons in the new season, gamers will found that FIFA 21 introduced 11 new icons to the game, including Samuel Eto
o, Bastian Schweinsteiger, and Ashley Cole. If EA would like to choose the former players as the next icons, it will very easy because the players Wayne Rooney, Vincent Kompany, David Villa retired from the game in the past two years. They easily join the list of icons in FIFA 22, and it doesnt just stop there. And most gamers also want to see Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany return to the game.

FIFA 22 Beta cancelled because of multiple leaks

The beta of the FIFA series was set to be a fantastic way to experience the upcoming changes to the series early, and give some feedback on its progress. But the FIFA 22 Beta version will be planned to go live on Wednesday, June 23, but was taken down within 24 hours after due to a series of leaks that were posted on the Internet. EA has cancelled the FIFA 22 beta and cannot guarantee the DEMO. This may be the players last chance to try the game before the EA Play trial and Pre-Order rewards early access starts, but many gamers or creators took the opportunity to leak details about the upcoming game immediately, such as the game's menus, gameplay, FUT 22 Icons, and so on.
These FIFA 22 leaks are huge, with the beta now cancelled, the DEMO will be a great chance to go live, the players are looking forward to releasing. If EA does release a FIFA 22 demo, we can expect it to land around September 24th.

The best teams to use in FIFA 22

Some important hitters such as Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern will remain popular in all game modes, and the new look of Barcelona's offense is also an exciting prospect.
PSG - This team is always an attacking threat because of the likes of Neymar, Angel Di Maria, and Kylian Mbappe up top. And Mbappe and Neymar are named DEADLY DUO, they are two of FIFA's best forwards.

Bayern Munich - This team has a strong defense, Bayern Munich's right back is a problem area for FIFA 21, because Benjamin Pavard is not the fastest.

Liverpool - Liverpool's team is filled with international stars, although a disappointing season by their lofty standards, Liverpool will still be in an unshakable position in FIFA 22. A FIFA beast - Joe Gomez, one of the best defenders around - Van Dijk, the two best wingers - Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, teams with great players in the game.

Pre-Order bonus and official release date for FIFA 22

FUT 21 is almost over! Most players are looking forward to FIFA 22, it was released worldwide on 1st, October 2021 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, XBOX SERIES X|S, Xbox One, Stadia, PC, and Nintendo Switch. This year's edition has been reduced to two, Standard Edition and Ultimate Edition.

① FUT 22 Standard Edition PS4 & XBOX ONE:

Team of the Week 1 Player item
Kylian Mbappé Loan item
FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick
Career Mode Homegrown Talent

② FUT 22 Ultimate Edition on PS4 / PS5 & XBOX ONE / XBOX SERIES X|S

Team of the Week 1 Player item
Kylian Mbappé Loan item
FUT Ambassador Loan Player Pick
Career Mode Homegrown Talent


Dual Entitlement – free PlayStation 5 upgrade
Limited Time Offer – FUT Heroes Player item
Ones to Watch Player item
4 Days Early Access
4600 FUT Points

If you redeem pre-ordered content in FUT 22 on PlayStation 4 while using the same account, you can continue to receive and access the content on PlayStation 5. But in another case, you pre-ordered FUT 22 on PlayStation 4, but you played the game on PlayStation 5 first, don’t worry, you will still receive the content in the applicable account.

Similarly, if you redeem pre-ordered content in FUT 22 on Xbox One when you use the same account on Xbox Series X|S, you will continue to be able to receive and access the content. If you pre-ordered FUT 22 on Xbox One but played the game on Xbox X|S first, you will still receive the content in the applicable account.

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Is it possible to create a club in FUT 22 career mode?

According to the news about the professional model in FUT 22 disclosed on the official website of EA, it is possible to start a club in the minor league and try to lead this club to the world football arena and become the top.
It has not yet been announced whether this implementation will be applicable to all gaming platforms or only to the next-generation consoles PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Stadia.

Who will become the FUT Heroes in FUT 22?

Although the career mode of FIFA 22 is exciting, most players are looking forward to establishing their first XI in Ultimate Team. One of the most exciting aspects of this mode is the collection cards that players can obtain through gift packs, challenges, or through the market. EA introduces new card types in FIFA championship titles every year, so they have added a new batch of former players to the FIFA Ultimate Team under the name FUT Heroes to celebrate some of football's most memorable players, not only have they had a huge impact at the club and international level, but they have also added new life to the Team building of FIFA Ultimate Team. And FUT hero cards are not only highly-rated items, they also come with unique chemical rewards.

EA Sports has begun to announce the first batch of names in July 2021, including players from all over the world, they are FIFA 22 FUT heroes, a total of 9 players. At the same time, more FUT heroes will be announced in August and September before FIFA 22 is officially released on 1st, October.

Because FUT Heroes is a new feature of FIFA 22, it can help you build more diverse teams, but its influence is not as good as ICON. Although ICON can be added to any team, each of the FUT heroes is assigned to a league and therefore will have a strong chemical connection with all other players in that league. In addition, the nationality of the FUT hero will also bring a chemical reaction, just like all other cards in FIFA Ultimate Team have weak connections with other players of that nationality.

FUT heroes will be provided as packages in the game released on October 1st, while other FUT hero cards may be obtained through Squad Building Challenges. They are like most other cards in the game, and you will be able to buy and sell them freely in the transfer market. Besiders, anyone who pre-orders FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition before 14th, August will receive a non-tradable FUT Heroes player this season.

Limitations of FIFA 22 on PC Version

According to reports, FIFA 22 will have a limited number of computer hardware-related activations on the PC platform, that is, the game will use anti-piracy software to prevent players from using a copy of the game on multiple different computers. So FIFA 22 is associated with the PC where you run the game for the first time. When you want to play FIFA 22 on two different devices, PC and laptop, you will have to buy it twice.

The PC is a component that can be freely changed by a group of users. If you change the graphics card or processor, this will not affect your FIFA 22, but if you change the motherboard, the game will recognize it as another PC. The only thing that makes people feel happy is that the progress of FIFA22 will be linked to user accounts instead of hardware, so when you run on another PC and you buy another copy of the game and log in to your account, you can directly interrupt from the last time. Place to start. Because the anti-piracy protection of FIFA games on the PC version is known for its extreme rigor, if players are locked to play EA Play games on a PC, there is no way. So EA Sports's such practices angered PC players to a certain extent.

New player animation in the FIFA 22 game trailer

FIFA 22 This new trailer tells about Hypermotion technology, and also allows us to see the next iteration of the EA sports series. You can watch the trailer through the official channel and feel the brilliance of Hypermotion technology.

In the previous EA, they performed motion capture of individual players to accurately capture the nuances of their movements, but in FIFA 22 there are more than 4,000 brand new player animations, which work in conjunction with machine learning to analyze more than 8,000 frames of matches data. The artificial intelligence of FIFA 22 has also undergone major reforms, because computer-controlled players can now make more than six times more decisions per second than they did in the previous iteration. It sounds like EA has indeed overhauled many aspects of the new FIFA.

Not surprisingly, this technology will be exclusive to the next-generation FIFA 22 version on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

The Features, Teams for FIFA 22 Demo

The release of the next issue of the FIFA series will be released soon, which means that the FIFA 22 demo version is not far away. The FIFA 22 demo is the last chance for gamers to try out the game before the release date.

But EA has not officially confirmed whether there will be a FIFA 22 demo. Although last year’s decision to cancel the demo shortly before the release of the full game made players wonder whether they would adopt the same approach this year, in the past, the publishers waited very close to the release before announcing its arrival, which may be a surprise for gamers.

Regarding the release date, we can look back over the past few years to understand when we can expect it, and the trial period will drop two weeks before the game is released. So the most likely date at the moment is September 14th, Tuesday.

What functions can be played? Although the beta version allows gamers to enter various modes, the demo is often a smaller and more refined segment of the final game. The reimagining of the beloved FIFA Street has always been a permanent fixture of the series, and EA’s continued efforts to insert this model means that it will also appear in the demo. And only a few teams entered the demo, these are often carefully selected from the clubs that have reached a cooperation agreement with EA, and usually occupy an important place in the game's trailer. We can look forward to the following teams,AC Milan, Athletico Madrid, Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid...

How big is the FIFA 22 demo download? The most recent demo version of FIFA 20 is about 6GB, but this year it will be launched on the next and previous generation game consoles and PCs, so the file size may be change. Please note that although the beta version is only open to a few players, and early access is locked after pre-order and EA Play subscription, the FIFA 22 demo will be free for all players.

Best Stikers in FIFA 22 Career Mode

FIFA 22 has launched, and the Career Mode offers fans more control than ever by letting them create their own club from scratches, such as build their own club, complete with a custom stadium, kits, and crest. If you want to attempt to build the most competitive team, you can see we've put together our predictions of the Best Strikers in FIFA 22 Career Mode you should sign.

One of the key early decisions of your ultimate team is who you put first. A top striker can win games you should have lost and help you defeat the opponent you are ruling. Therefore, finding the best product in your price range is the key to the success of the Ultimate Team season.

Fortunately, there are many in FIFA 22 that can give you glory, whether you are looking for fast players who can kill you in counterattacks. The following are the forwards we look forward to becoming the BEST forwards in FIFA 22 career mode,
Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United (92) / Lewandowski - Bayern Munich (91) / Kylian Mbappe - Paris Saint-Germain (91) / Harry Kane - Tottenham (89) /
Luis Suarez - Athletico Madrid (88) /
Paul Dybala - Juventus (88) / Ciro Immobile - Lazio (87)

Some of these players could have been world-class in the past, but their age and injuries have brought them down a notch. Best mid-range STs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team,
Mauro Icardi - Paris Saint-Germain (85) / Sergio Aguero - FC Barcelona (85) / Jamie Vardy - Leicester City (84) / Gerard Moreno - Villareal (83)

Best cheap STs in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team,
Moussa Dembélé - Lyon (81) / Luis Muriel - Atalanta (80) / Odsonne Edouard - Celtic FC (78) / Dominic Calvert-Lewin - Everton (79)

Get the Hero Cards in Ultimate Team in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 reintroduced the hero card in 2021, unlike the lucrative Icon players. EA wisely classifies them separately to provide some variety for players who like to unpack, complete a SBC, or who like to find unique items in the transfer market.

It has the total of 17 hero cards in the Ultimate Team. More hero cards may be announced with the real battle in 2021/22. Each hero is associated with a specific league, nationality, level, etc. This is the basis for building sufficient team chemistry. Maybe it's the Premier League, maybe it's the French League, you can try different teams.

Opening gift packs is another way to get hero cards, although they are extremely rare. The value of each hero is also different. And the Squad Building Challenge (SBC) is a reliable way to capture some of these players. Since some on the market are more expensive than others, it all depends on the number of teams you have to build, which will also determine the value of the players. If you dont spend FIFA points to play games this year, please start with the cheaper ones first, and then gradually increase them. There are no active SBCs at this stage, but they are coming soon. Pay attention to them.

Three more players join the FIFA 22 Ones to Watch Team 2

This week sees two premier league stars and one Serie A striker, the total of three players (Jadon Sancho, Joaquin Correa, and Junior Firpo )will join the illustrious OTW ranks, the mini-release of Ones to Watch players for FIFA 22. So they are officially part of the Ones to Watch Team Two meaning they can be found up until Friday, 15 October.

Joaquin Correra was initially difficult to impress among the first few teams, but he made a breakthrough with Lazio in the 20/21 season. So he was loaned to Serie A rival Inter Milan and scored two goals in his debut. Sancho moved from Dortmund to Manchester United. Under the leadership of Cristiano Ronaldo and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he has been working hard to respond to changes in the environment and grow. Junior Firpo was the one who left Barcelona and won the opportunity to move to Leeds United.

If they perform well enough, they will get additional improvements in their own way, and the team's performance can also improve them.

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