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FIFA 18 News: Rückblick James Milner (85)

2018-05-08 02:53

Very good CM you must have it if you play a team PL comparing statistics you can see a big similarity with Ruud Gullit 86 costing 5 times as much I know Gullit is faster bigger and a little stronger but after 75 minutes of play it must be subbed. With this gentleman, you can run from box to box for 90 minutes and still manage in extra time. Summing up Decent shots from a distance great stamina genius passing and crossing very helpful in defending in a word one of the best all round midfielders in PL.

It could be a bit faster but that's not a problem when you use a shadow or a hunter

This guy is just really good. I know that he is not gonna be loved by many people (pro players and Top 100) but honestly he is such a great player into the field. Since the card was in the market I just wanted the enjoy it. He is always in the right position, his composure is brilliant and he rarely fails a pass and not to mention his stamina (brutal). I use him with Hunter, because he has already great defensive stats. I'm an Elite player (squad battle Legend) and only silver 1 or Gold 3 in WL. I play him as a RCM but also as a CAM, he is gonna do a really good job. I bought him for 100k and he is gonna be in my team till the end of the season.

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